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All of the products and services we offer at Mr Speight Consultancy to organisations both in the public and private education sectors are bespoke to our individual clients. Some of the typical products and services we currently provide are listed below.

Resource Development

We work with clients across Wales and England producing high quality handouts, learning material assessment, e-learning systems and article publications, along with providing quality assurance services.

CPD Delivery

We have experience of delivering bespoke CPD workshops for a range of clients. Workshops can be delivered in your setting or we can arrange an alternative venue for you. Additional speakers can also be arranged where necessary.


We have extensive expertise within our team whereby not only can we develop traditional teaching resources, but we can also develop e-learning tools through both web design and mobile app development.


We're an approachable organisation made up of highly qualified and talented individuals who are always happy to provide our clients with advice and guidance in relation to both pedagogy and the world of education.

Each of the sections listed above are just some of the different products and services we provide to our clients. We believe in delivering the best products and services for our clients and as such all are priced in accordance to the piece of work required. We do not charge an hourly rate for our services, as we believe in going the extra mile wherever possible, because education matters.

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